Caro Francis

electronic musician, producer, songwriter


Caro's new single "KILLING IT" is out now on all platforms.


Caro’s musical mission is to marry opposing forces. The pretty/the ugly, chaos/control, the digital with the organic, the introspective with the overt and cheeky.A keen musician from a young age, it was Caro’s father’s work as a forensic sound engineer that introduced her to the electronic side of audio. There was always a sense of fear-tinged fascination about the noises that would emanate from his home office: recordings from prison cells, planted cameras, phone and wire taps. Her first equipment was basic hand-me-downs from this office laboratory.It was during an internship with the ‘snoops’, the federal forensic sound engineers, that Caro got hooked on the production side of electronic music. When they didn’t have her soldering cables, they let her use their sound labs during lunch breaks and Caro’s love of songwriting and sound-design fused.Further developing her musical ideas while living in France and Germany, Caro hoarded her experiments away for a time like manuscripts under the bed. A confrontation with a burglar provided a wake up call that it was time to get the music off the hard-drives and out into the world.Perhaps surprisingly, Caro’s sound counters this broody origin story with a string of playful, infectious tracks that feel simultaneously handmade and electronic.The fact that her music is now produced in a self-built timber cabin in the forest only provides more intriguing contradictions. But then marrying opposing forces is Caro's whole MO.

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